Author : Nick Krym

IT outsourcing is exaggerated

Just red IT offshoring is exaggerated and the IT labor shortage is real by Jason Hiner, a very interesting perspective that should both appease local IT professionals and offshore providers: “…new evidence shows that the IT offshoring trend is greatly exaggerated. The Society of Information Management’s 2008 IT Trends Survey shows that IT leaders are planning to increase offshore outsourcing in 2009, after two straight years of declines. Nevertheless, even with the increase, offshore outsourcing only represents five percent of projected 2009 budgets, and CIOs say they are still having trouble finding enough domestic IT workers with the right mix of skills to fill the […]

Offshore Interviews: Basics

There are plenty of books, articles and various materials on the Net pertaining to technical interviewing. There are several substantial differences that need to be accounted for when dealing with offshore resources. The first one is a mindset. Many people who outsource large scope IT initiatives outsource interviewing as well. They see sourcing (finding, interviewing, negotiating, etc.) activities as responsibility of vendor. In addition many vendors not only prefer but insist on keeping that activity internal to the vendor. Depending on the scope of outsourcing initiative and your own bandwidth you my elect outsource the sourcing completely or to some degree. In my opinion that […] Perspective on Offshore Risk Management

A very good article on – Offshore Outsourcing: A Risk Management Perspective. It offers a high level perspective on risks of offshore outsourcing with specific look into several dimensions – Geopolitical Cultural Contractual Operations Compliance Business Continuity The article also gives some high level approach to risk mitigation. These risks as well as methods of dealing with those are most relevant to large outsourcing contracts and companies but should be considered even by small companies which in some cases could slide in between the items of that caliber. About these ads

Perpetual Search vs. Status Quo

Any even a semi-decent offshore provider will tell you that they are in it for a long run. That they are not interested in “drive by” project and want to build lasting mutually beneficial relationship. That they know that you have options in the market place and they will do the best never to give you a reason to look for these options… but is it ever a “happy ever after”? Mr. Buyer, should you ever look back and consider other options in the market place after you found a provider, went through the ordeal of ramping up the engagement and finally started getting the […]

Generating a List of Prospect Vendors

Fining an offshore provider is much more difficult than it should be considering the supply abundance. Yet the complexity starts right with the first step – generating a “long” list of prospect vendors. The easiest and probably the least meaningful way to find providers is just publicly announce you needs, for example post a question on LinkedIn. The problem with this approach is that if you are CIO or VPE chances are you are already getting plenty of annoying cold calls from offshore suppliers. Public indication that you are searching for an offshore provider is only going to increase the spam and cold call inflow. […]