Author : Nick Krym

Path toward Disposable Outsourcing: S/W Development

There are many very important aspects of SDLC related to s/w development activities which should be implemented whether you outsource or not. Some of them are essential to DOM. Your intermediary whether internal or external must verify that these steps are taken and not just as a checkmark on a  SDLC compliance list, they have to be made consistently and to a degree that satisfies the intent. The first is the code standards. Of course following language naming conventions goes without saying; there are a few more standards that have to be diligently followed: All names are in English (classes, variables, methods, etc.) ALL Sufficient […]

Outsourcing Trends for ‘09

As I mentioned earlier in ‘08 – the Year of Predictions it’s difficult to not to yield the temptation of making predictions. First, in the uncertainty of today’s economy almost every one is looking for those; second, all of us with strong opinions on the outsourcing have some predictions at least in our minds; and third, personally I am very curious whether I can get any close to what ’09 will eventually show… Being new to the fortune telling market I have been considering cold reading techniques, the art of creative vagueness, and audacity of stating the obvious. Those all seem like winning strategies and […]

Mumbai Sad Nomination

An interesting and very important aspect of selecting an outsourcing destination is the location safety.  And it is quite different from what it used to be just a few years ago.  The recent terror in Mumbai brought a lot of attention to the subject and put Mumbai in the top ten riskiest places.    Here is a how the list looks today: The Most Dangerous Ten 1. Jerusalem (Israel) 2. Mumbai (India) 3. Rio de Janeiro/ Sao Paulo (Brazil) 4. Manila/Cebu/Makati (Philippines) 5. Delhi/ Noida/ Gurgaon (India) 6. Kingston (Jamaica) 7. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 8. Johannesburg (South Africa) 9. Bangkok (Thailand) 10. Bogota (Colombia) The Safest […]

Selecting Outsourcing Engagement Model

Model selection in terms of Outsourcing Engagement Models is not a trivial process and your choice depends on large number of factors such as nature of the outsourced activities, organizational maturity, budget, risk tolerance, and so on. Below are some simple guidelines that you may consider when making the selection. See also earlier post Offshore Model Selection: T&M vs. Fixed Bid for relevant info. Resource Augmentation / Classic Augmentation / Extended Team. One of the easiest ways to start with offshore outsourcing. Scales well both up and down (adding or taking resources off the project). Works well for poorly defined projects and activities. Requires high […]

Outsourcing Engagement Models

There are more various engagement models than it is worth listing here; some models are just naming differences invented for “market differentiation” or slight insignificant variations. In general modeling the engagement depends primarily on project delivery model, ownership of the resources, and services provided by the vendor organization on the top of the services provided by individual associates / individual contributors. This post covers the most common models using most common terminology: Resource Augmentation / Classic Augmentation / Extended Team. Under this model the vendor supplies individual contributors who work as a part of the team on T&M basis. These resources can work onsite or […]