Author : Nick Krym

Trip to blogosphere

Outsourcing is a very broad topic with plenty of controversial topics, inevitably there plenty of people who have something to say about it. Chances are if you are interested in this subject you run across articles and posts by Outsourcing Institute or Horses for Sources. A couple years ago I put a few references in my blogroll and started a blogosphere directory. Thanks to the law of reciprocity that generated a few back-links and traffic to my blog. Over time the blogroll become stale pointing the blogs that become dormant or completely disappeared. I did not notice it till just recently, as I was doing […]

Environmental Fears

As I mentioned in At Doorsteps of a New Engagement I have a new vendor to deal with. It is a company that has been working with my team for over two years and thus it’s only new for me. It took about a few days for me to encounter the first set of issues. And that set came from the area so common that it’s worth a post by itself – software environments. Below is an email which I was cc’ed on – Subject: RE: WCM Publish failed Ravi, Please explain to me how the production environment does not match what is in UAT. […]

Offshore Negotiations: a Macro View

Negotiations are an integral part of business life, that’s pretty much a truism. More so negotiations for business are very much like breathing for human beings. Sometimes it seems that you can not make a single step without getting involved in some kind of negotiations – project scope / resources / time / quality; multiple aspects of employment relationships; vendor relationships; customer relationships; and so on. So it’s no surprise that an ability to negotiate is one of those mandatory job requirements that somehow never make it to job description. While negotiation skills are important for any professional they are particular important and are put […]

Offshore Negotiations Basics: Rules of Haggling

First, let me repeat something I wrote in an earlier post: negotiation is a complex skill if not art. If negotiations are not particular your cup of tea you may consider involving professionals, in particular those who have experience negotiating offshore contracts. At least you owe it to yourself to go through some serious reading on the topic prior to diving into the deal making. Let me recommend a few classic books on the subject: Secrets of Power Negotiatingby Roger Dawson, You Can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen, and Getting Past No: Negotiating with Difficult People by William Ury. Through the years in IT leadership […]

Outsourcing Piecemeal – Out-tasking

In BPO world Out-tasking has been known for quite some time. See for example CompuPacific outsourcing whitepaper – “Outsourcing vs. Out-Tasking: Practical Advice” or an oldie but goodie – a white paper on out-tasking from CISCO.  The basic idea is simple – out-tasking is typically described as farming out business processes or IT functions piecemeal rather than all at once. Examples of tasks that may be farmed out are data entry, document-based processing, such as claim handling, graphic arts development, and or document translation / localization. Most typical definition goes as “Instead of divesting their back-office functions as a whole, companies contract out in an […]