Author : Nick Krym

Offshore Risks: Team and Personal Impacts

Transferring even a small portion of your development offshore has inevitable impacts on your team and yourself. The impact could be dramatic to a degree that it defeats the purpose of outsourcing. Each of the dimensions of the impact should be considered a risk that needs mitigation plan and is dealt with efficiently through out the lifecycle of outsourcing. I’ll touch upon most significant areas: Loss of team support / respect / relationships with the team. Even the most open minded employees on your team will be concerned with offshore introduction. And they should, the practice of outsourcers replacing the sheer fabric of the company, […]

Idiot Savant

It’s been almost two years since the story below shook up my organization yet it’s still quite fresh in my memory. This story stands out as rude reminder of how complex IP protection is and how many traps you need to consider. Even though the story is a bit old I still changed the names of the participants to protect the innocent… Ravindra Gupta a senior java architect from a well respected local high-end consulting firm ThinkBig impressed us the first time we met him. He seemed to be exactly the person we’d been looking for a long time. With little hesitation we assigned him […]

Offshore Risk: Cost-reduction expectations

Establishing high cost-reduction expectations is one of the most serious traps a technology leader can get him/herself into. If the only reason you are going offshore is cost savings – my best advice would be – stop right there! If you are very good at utilizing offshore you may realize 30% savings on somewhat sizable initiatives, and you still will need a lot of luck. That’s aside even if you do understand the paradigm of cost savings you still have to establish appropriate expectations with your execs / peers / team. Failure to establish correct expectations results in insufficient budgets, often in a collapse of […]