Author : Nick Krym

Delivering Bad News

If you are running an offshore IT engagement you have faced bad news a few times by now. Not? Chances are you will soon. I am not being all gloom and doom; it’s just the nature of the beast. As a matter of fact working in IT guarantees that you will be facing bad news, offshore just expedites the matters. This post is not as much about offshore as about bad news in general –how to deliver them and how to receive. The first thing to keep in mind whether you have to deliver bad news or are receiving them is that a bad news […]

ESL Tips & Traps

In the stream of holiday mail an email from an old friend of mine stood out with its unusual greeting: “Hell Nick!” The missing “o” reminded me of many written and oral blunders I generated over the years and probably continue to without even knowing. I arrived in the states in ‘91 with practically no knowledge of English. By the mid 90s my English skills progressed a bit; I also moved up from a back office developer to more managerial / client facing roles, so the demand on the skills quadrupled. Thanks to language tapes and a lot of time behind a steering wheel I […]

Outsourcing and Email Etiquette

Nothing made a more profound impact on business communications than email, and nothing probably ever will; well, unless telepathy is adopted by the corporate world, and that is probably not going to happen during my time. So it’s not surprise that there are 100s of books and web sources covering email etiquette, rules, techniques, tips, tricks and traps. Yet, I see again and again the lack of attention to email rules and etiquette ruins business relationships, creates communication problems, and dramatically affects project communications. Email rules and etiquette is a general issue. I see it as a local challenge and go through communication training with […]

Outsourcing in the Light of Bribe Payers Index

Have someone offered you some funny smelling incentive package to close an offshoring deal? You may not be alone…  I just run across an interesting article, not specific to offshore outsourcing but very relevant though. Bribe Paying Export Countries by Daniel Workman talks about some unusual stats – “The 2008 Bribe Payers Index ranks the likelihood of importers receiving illegal monetary incentives from leading export countries.”  Here are the highlights Countries Most Likely To Offer Payola Final results from the 2008 Transparency International survey rank export companies from Russia, China, Mexico and India as most likely to bribe. 1. Russia … 5.9 (33% more likely […]

Offshore & Sexual Harassment

What a strange topic, it feels quite weird even to bring it up. After mandatory training, posted policies, and tons of wasted energy you’d say that is a dead horse. Alas, offshore-related sexual harassment could quickly grow into a real problem if not dealt with promptly. The trap is actually right one the surface: the standards of office behavior vary greatly across the world, with US culture being one of the most restrictive. Another aspect is a different social position of women in other countries, with US being one of the most advanced. I am not about to get into insinuations about what’s right or […]