Author : Nick Krym

Of Frogs and Wrestlers

So you found a new vendor, negotiated a perfect deal and established relationships with key players. The team starts its work and shortly you can realize the savings you’ve been looking for. A year passes faster than you could ever imagine. Reports coming from the vendor showing good compliance with the benchmarks you established. You about to give yourself a pat on the back for being such an incredible offshore manager. And just to be a good sport you take a few business users for a dinner to share with them the wonderful achievements of incredible you. Unfortunately even before you are done with the […]

Offshore QA and a Sly Fox

A fairly common model for working with an offshore vendor for SaaS companies is based on black box model – the requirements collected locally go to offshore team and code ready for production comes back, sometimes in a form of binaries. There are variations to that model with the same common thread – the full responsibility for development of the application and its quality assurance belongs to with the vendor. Can this approach work with an arbitrary software development shop? Absolutely! As a matter of that is the model used by all ISVs that do not employ offshore, so model works for sure. The question […]

Offshore BC & DR

Thinking about Nostradamus predictions for 2012 and all cataclysms that will strike that year? Afraid and developing your bullet proof Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC&DR) plans? Well, if meteors, super-volcanoes, and melting ice caps flatten, burn, and flood most of humanity those BC&DR plans won’t matter much. However, increasingly more powerful floods, hurricanes and earthquakes with enormous toll remind us about vulnerability of even rich nations such as the USA, Canada, or China… As I pointed out in Force Majeure working with offshore organizations increases risk of substantial losses bring up the importance of having solid BC&DR plans. Of course if you are working […]

Environmental Fears

As I mentioned in At Doorsteps of a New Engagement I have a new vendor to deal with. It is a company that has been working with my team for over two years and thus it’s only new for me. It took about a few days for me to encounter the first set of issues. And that set came from the area so common that it’s worth a post by itself – software environments. Below is an email which I was cc’ed on – Subject: RE: WCM Publish failed Ravi, Please explain to me how the production environment does not match what is in UAT. […]

Bidding Sites and Building Frustration

A couple weeks ago I put an RFP out for a very specific set of SEO activities on one of bidding sites. This SEO project was for my darling app – WWHOW!.  Since WWHOW! is based on user generated content it offers serious SEO challenges. Having spent a few months fighting those I knew fairly well what I was looking for and did not make a secret out of my expectations. To no surprise my straightforward SEO request generated a lot of responses primarily from India-based providers. I just finished going through all responses I received to date and it looks like I will have […]