Author : Nick Krym

Offshore Destinations: Russia

I was born in Moscow, USSR and the word “Russia” in my mind associates with a large empire of 15 republics. Things since than have changed dramatically and referring to some of the parts of ex-USSR as Russia is not just politically incorrect. Yet you are likely to hear about Russian outsourcing even if the ODC is located in Minsk, or Kiev. As a matter of fact in many respects outsourcing landscape of Byelorussia, Ukraine, and Russia has a lot in common. More so, large outsourcing organization such as ePAM, Luxsoft, and others have offices in these countries. Most of other countries of ex Soviet […]

Top 10 Technology Tasks to Outsource

If you listen to an offshore vendor you will quickly learn the top 10 or 1000 tasks you should outsource. The chances are anything and everything that you do will be on that list. And that would be the list of things the vendor wants you to outsource. Take a look for example at Top 100 Projects You Can Outsource. The real question is about what is good for you, and of course it depends on your specific needs and challenges.   My first outsourcing item does not currently land itself well in offshore model so I did not include it in top 10 –  Data […]

Vendor Selection in China

This post is a summary of vendor selection trip to China made for a purpose of s/w outsourcing initiative for a midsized product company. The main focus of the trip was “profiling” of the vendors that made on a short list after a rather involved RFP process. Profiling involved in-depth interviews of employees ranging from Sr. PM to Jr. QA analysts. I had a chance to interview over 60 people, and I believe that I had a chance to work with a somewhat fair sampling. I would expect that if employees were selected for interview completely randomly I would have the same professional skills ratings […]

S/W Development Outsourcing: China vs. India

A few months ago I went through a vendor selection process for a technology company in SF Bay Area. The goal was to find a vendor that would become a long-term partner / a part of a local development team. My clients were set on considering only two countries – India and China. The size of a potential outsourcing deal was fairly small: ~15 people. That would roughly correspond to $1M on annual basis. The size of engagement was still big enough to give us a chance to pick a company from a large pull of vendors who seemed to be interested. Here are some […]

Pros and Cons of doing business in China

From 30,000’ view Pros and Cons of giving your outsourcing business to China could be summarized as Pros Comparatively low rates Low attrition rates Large pool of talent in many areas Superb work ethics of the workforce Well organized / highly disciplined organizations Staff’s desire to succeed (learning and becoming stronger professional rather than pure career move) Flexibility of the contract arrangements Cons Poor English skills Weak grasp on western communications style, wide cultural gap Poor theoretical knowledge in many key areas Weak technical skills in comparison to the mainstream Silicon Valley resources Limited access to resources in several key areas (e.g. business analysis, architecture) […]