Author : Nick Krym

Disposable Outsourcing: Caveat Emptor

As any other outsourcing model Disposable Outsourcing has its pros and cons and there are a few caveats worth discussing. Probably the most important one is a role of intermediary. First, intermediary is not mandatory it is one of the best practices. There are a few tangible benefits that middleman offers here, the most important being isolation: Establishing working relationship with each vendor is a unique process, take for example MSA, the likelihood is it will be dramatically different from one vendor to another, and even if you use your own template the chances are you would have to negotiate on different clauses. There are […]

Disposable Outsourcing

The objective of Disposable Outsourcing Model (DOM… and it has nothing to do with XML) is minimizing risks associated with outsourced elements of the engagement. The idea is quite simple: design the engagement model in a way that the offshore partner could be quickly replaced, say in a matter of weeks, without significant impact to the engagement. Plug and play so to say. That is of course is easier said than done. However every step towards DOM is a step towards reducing risk. DOM positioning also promotes much smoother execution of the contract, cleaner transition between phases, uneventful termination, etc. In a large degree having […]