Author : Nick Krym

“Outsource it!” is now in beta

A couple days ago my first full size book went into beta and is now available at the publisher website – I feel very happy and relieved that the book is finally out, writing it was far more challenging than I’ve ever anticipated. At the same time I feel happy and proud, proud to be one of the authors of the pragmatic bookshelf, the group of technology writers that earned respect across very broad and demanding technical audience. It will take a little while before the book hits the shelves of Amazon and other bookstores, but you don’t have to wait and get your […]

Charting a Map to Disposable Outsourcing

Have you heard about PMBOK? In case you did not – the acronym stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge. PMBOK is a very comprehensive document that covers PM processes, procedures, methodologies and techniques promoted by Project Management Institute (PMI), a very well respected organization… A few months ago I asked two PMs on my team to develop a road map of ensuring that offshoring relationships we have in place are indeed 100% disposable. A very aggressive goal considering a small size of our on-shore organization in particular juxtaposed to the size of our offshore operations. Almost instantly the project was nicknamed OCBOK – offshore […]

Path toward Disposable Outsourcing: QA

Is there a better way to start a new year than writing a blog post? Of course there are plenty, but it just happens that I have one ready just in nick of time. So happy New Year, may it bring you success, prosperity, health, and happy outsourcing… There is probably no easier way to introduce outsourcing in a software development organization than QA augmentation. Simplicity of it is actually deceiving and many companies pay high price for it. Check out my earlier post Pros and Cons of Outsourcing QA for more thoughts and tips. Despite its cons outsourcing QA remains extremely popular and thus […]

Path toward Disposable Outsourcing: S/W Development

There are many very important aspects of SDLC related to s/w development activities which should be implemented whether you outsource or not. Some of them are essential to DOM. Your intermediary whether internal or external must verify that these steps are taken and not just as a checkmark on a  SDLC compliance list, they have to be made consistently and to a degree that satisfies the intent. The first is the code standards. Of course following language naming conventions goes without saying; there are a few more standards that have to be diligently followed: All names are in English (classes, variables, methods, etc.) ALL Sufficient […]

Steps towards Disposable Outsourcing

If you imagine a graph representing extended cost of outsourcing (cost that includes your out-of-pocket expenses and the internal cost associate with enabling outsourcing) over time you will see substantial spikes in the beginning and end of the relationship. Minimizing or eliminating these spikes is one of the goals of DOM, the first spike of course can not be avoided. The cost could be minimized or eliminated for the first spike on consequent engagements. There other benefits of the model related to quality of work, impact of staff turnover, and so on. DOM can be applied to many engagement models and by all means worth […]