Author : Nick Krym

“Outsource it!” is now in beta

A couple days ago my first full size book went into beta and is now available at the publisher website – I feel very happy and relieved that the book is finally out, writing it was far more challenging than I’ve ever anticipated. At the same time I feel happy and proud, proud to be one of the authors of the pragmatic bookshelf, the group of technology writers that earned respect across very broad and demanding technical audience.

It will take a little while before the book hits the shelves of Amazon and other bookstores, but you don’t have to wait and get your e-copy of it today. While the book is in beta your comments and suggestions would be taken quite seriously and could result in changes and additions to the content, hopefully making the book even better. I am not sure how long the beta would take but hopefully much less than it took me to get here –

Roughly two and a half years ago I came up what seemed a great idea at the time – compile my blog material into an easy to read eBook. In a couple months I produced the first volume that was dedicated to making decisions on whether and how to outsource. In a short order I received substantial feedback that made it apparent that just recompiling the blog and doing surface level clean up won’t add too much value, and probably was not worth the effort.

Even though eBook did not take off like a wild fire I was still convinced that despite large number of existing publications dedicated to outsourcing many of the aspects of it did not receive sufficient coverage and there was a need for a practical / pragmatic guide to offshore outsourcing. After giving it some consideration I decided to try another approach. I created a couple page long book proposal and sent it to a publisher that seemed a perfect candidate – the pragmatic bookshelf. This publisher was a brainchild of two co-authors of the best-selling book “The Pragmatic Programmer

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