Author : Nick Krym

“Outsource it!” is now in beta

A couple days ago my first full size book went into beta and is now available at the publisher website – I feel very happy and relieved that the book is finally out, writing it was far more challenging than I’ve ever anticipated. At the same time I feel happy and proud, proud to be one of the authors of the pragmatic bookshelf, the group of technology writers that earned respect across very broad and demanding technical audience. It will take a little while before the book hits the shelves of Amazon and other bookstores, but you don’t have to wait and get your […]

Staying Healthy – progress update

A couple months ago I started a “healthy” thread with a discussion about Staying Healthy on the Road, the topic that should be near and dear to most of us involved offshore  and in particular to road warriors.  I guess it’s high time to take the stock of my advancement on the path to better health. Bottom-line-upfront: the progress has been somewhat limited. Nevertheless, I made some progress and am going to continue till I reach my goals. Here where I’ve got myself so far – BMI – I started at 31.6 and assuming 7 lb loss am at 30.6. That still puts me in dreaded […]

5 C’s of offshore success

I just got off the phone with David, an old friend of mine and a VP of engineering for a stealth startup in Boston. His team is doing very well, and who knows, we all may hear about him and his company pretty soon. Needless to say, after half an hour discussion of his great idea and the business model we dove into technical aspects. My friend’s technology stack selection is of no surprise – RoR, MySQL and DynamoDB running on AWS. His SDLC is also far from innovative – SCRUM. What I found rather unusual for this stage of the game was a heavy […]

13 Tips for Becoming a Rock Star Freelancer

A couple days ago I received an email from my friend’s son, a relatively junior web developer who was looking for ways to make money and build experience working as a freelance developer on Elance or oDesk. Some of the questions he asked me were in line with questions I hear many times: How can I get my first project given that competition is extremely high and I have no reputation/ rating? What can I do to keep my clients happy and coming back to me? Here are a some of the tips I gave to him, hopefully you will find them helpful: Getting your […]

The Mystery of ROI for SEO campaigns


This blog used to attract lot of visitors and then due to circumstances beyond my control i had to shut it down for almost a year.i was finally able to bring the blog back to life a large portion of the traffic was lost various popularity ranking was down and i thought resarting was even more complex thyen i had to go through starting from scratch a few years ago ROI is the most popular and powerful metric in the business world. It stands for Return on Investment, and it immediately points to tangible measurable returns on your investment – how much money you need […]