Author : Nick Krym

The Secrets of Getting the Best Price for Your Virtual Assistant

Where hiring a virtual assistant used to be out of the norm, it has now become much more mainstream. Every day, thousands of companies and individuals are hiring Virtual Assistants to complete a variety of projects for their business. And even more, these companies are finding that hiring a Virtual Assistant is beneficial to their business in many new ways, often far beyond of what was originally expected. There are many questions that come to mind when you are first considering hiring a VA. One of the questions that you might ask is, “what kind of rate can I expect?

Finding VAs just got easier

Activities that call for out-tasking, ad-hoc outsourcing or “outsourcing your life” inevitably bring us to a not so easy to resolve dilemma – where and how to find a decent virtual assistant (VA). In some cases we can engage resources from oDesk or elance, in some cases we need to find an established VA company. And like with most of vendor selection challenges choosing VA vendor is a task not for the faint of heart. Sheer number of resources that fall into VA category makes proper selection a seemingly daunting task. For example, a search for “virtual assistant” brings 29K entries on oDesk and 19K […]

“Outsource it!” is now in beta

A couple days ago my first full size book went into beta and is now available at the publisher website – I feel very happy and relieved that the book is finally out, writing it was far more challenging than I’ve ever anticipated. At the same time I feel happy and proud, proud to be one of the authors of the pragmatic bookshelf, the group of technology writers that earned respect across very broad and demanding technical audience. It will take a little while before the book hits the shelves of Amazon and other bookstores, but you don’t have to wait and get your […]

Things Not to Outsource Even Though They Say You Should

“51 ways”, “101 tips”, and even “1000 and 1 ideas” on how to Outsource your Life. It seems like there is a non-stop competition in blogosphere to come up with a bigger list. Of course VA companies promoting wonders of life outsourcing directly or through “independent” blogs add their list of ideas and justifications. No matter whether you agree with him or not you gotta give it to Timothy Ferriss, he’s a true trend-setter. While there are many ways to outsource most annoying aspects of your professional and personal life working with VAs is by no means a panacea for all your errands and chores. […]

Outsourcing Your Life – the Scope of Outsourcing

A couple days ago on my way to NJ I bought an excellent book – The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Library Edition). 6 hour flight plus an hour of circling around NYC and a few more hours at corporate apartment were more than enough to digest this fairly small guide to a way of life distinctively different from mine and probably from the one most of people I know follow. Living life to its fullest without postponing it to some uncertain date that would likely never comes. The book was quite entertaining and even though chances are […]