Author : Nick Krym

Outsourcing Trends for ‘09

As I mentioned earlier in ‘08 – the Year of Predictions it’s difficult to not to yield the temptation of making predictions. First, in the uncertainty of today’s economy almost every one is looking for those; second, all of us with strong opinions on the outsourcing have some predictions at least in our minds; and third, personally I am very curious whether I can get any close to what ’09 will eventually show… Being new to the fortune telling market I have been considering cold reading techniques, the art of creative vagueness, and audacity of stating the obvious. Those all seem like winning strategies and […]

’08 – the Year of Predictions

End of year is usually also the busiest time of the year… unless it’s 2008. Moving deals across the finish line, inking contracts, pushing code into production to meet contractual obligations and milestones, writing employee performance reviews … there are fewer of those this year. Well, many of us are still extremely busy, it’s what we are busy with is a bit different. Some update their resumes, some dive head first into networking, some pull out dusty crystal balls to become fortunetellers. I would say this year could be called the year of predictions, at least it feels like everyone either making those or looking […]

Still looking for ’09 Predictions?

Well, what could be a clearer confirmation of outsourcing trends than a mega deal signed just before the end of the year? Infosys just signed a multi-million dollar, five-year outsourcing deal with pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. A brief article in InformationAge says “The deal will be seen as both an endorsement of the Indian IT industry’s viability in a downturn and a confirmation of the UK IT sector’s worst fears. The deal forms part of an operational transformation initiative that will begin in the UK, and that will see the Indian IT outsourcer provide application management services for many of AstraZeneca’s key business departments.” Well said […]

Mumbai Sad Nomination

An interesting and very important aspect of selecting an outsourcing destination is the location safety.  And it is quite different from what it used to be just a few years ago.  The recent terror in Mumbai brought a lot of attention to the subject and put Mumbai in the top ten riskiest places.    Here is a how the list looks today: The Most Dangerous Ten 1. Jerusalem (Israel) 2. Mumbai (India) 3. Rio de Janeiro/ Sao Paulo (Brazil) 4. Manila/Cebu/Makati (Philippines) 5. Delhi/ Noida/ Gurgaon (India) 6. Kingston (Jamaica) 7. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 8. Johannesburg (South Africa) 9. Bangkok (Thailand) 10. Bogota (Colombia) The Safest […]

1 out 4 IT jobs moving offshore

Large companies are accelerating their use of offshore outsourcing, and as many as a quarter of IT jobs at Global 1,000 firms may be moved offshore by 2010, according to The Hackett Group, a Miami-based consulting firm whose clients include many multinational corporations.  See  Survey: One in four IT jobs moving offshore from And the chances are they are correct. Increase if offshoring combined with unemployment rate highest in 26 years paints a very scary picture. What does it mean for IT professional in this country? Does it really mean “R.I.P. Good Times”? Probably not, it just means that times have changed and it’s […]