Author : Nick Krym

Launching Common Sense Management

I spent a bit of time cleaning up the Site Map and while doing that I noticed that some of the posts have only loose relevance to outsourcing. I put them in a new category – Common Sense Management (CSM). CSM is not a widely used or a popular term. I started using it awhile ago to describe management and leadership style I apply in my day job – running technology teams building software products and services. CSM is built on top of traditional techniques as well as new methodologies that at some point were considered controversial and now are widely accepted. “Common Sense” in […]

Is Blog Format a Misfit for PO?

I was chatting with a good friend of mine who happened to be one of my readers as well. Being a good friend he did not sugar coat his thoughts and opinions, as they say “friends stub you in front”. And, as it typically goes, when we were done fighting we only strengthen our positions and views. So, no adjustment or reviews are coming to the 100+ posts I wrote so far. Also as it goes in frank discussions between friends a few interesting topics came up, a few questions that needed mulling over. One of them was quite intriguing for me: “is blog format […]

Slowing Down, no Intentions to Stop

This month has been exceptionally busy for me and I had almost no time to put against anything but my day job, unsurprisingly so my blogging debt started to grow at a pretty good pace. There were a plenty of articles published in the blogs I follow, many industry news worth discussion knocked on the doors daily, and despite serious slowing down in the rate of posts I saw a notable increase in traffic. When it comes to blogging I face a few serious challenges, first of course being ESL. As a matter of fact ESL has been a huge mental obstacle to overcome, it […]

Japanese Car Invasion vs. Offshore Outsourcing

In the early 1950s a small number of Americans began purchasing foreign cars after military personnel brought home unique vehicles at the end of their tours overseas. At roughly the same time the Japanese, in need of cash to re-build their country after World War II, went from exporting cheap household products and novelty items to heavy machinery and automobiles, both much more profitable. In the mid-fifties, the Japanese Ministry of International Trade (MITI) and Industry provided strong incentives to manufacturers to produce a “people’s car”. In the mid-sixties, in order to increase Japan’s competitiveness in the world car market, MITI engineered a number of […]

Offshore Millionaire

I am very much surprised with Slumdog Millionaire taking Oscar’s Gold. As far as I am concerned it’s very much a mediocre tearjerker with a few very good scenes, plenty of mediocre ones and few ones on a border line of plagiarism. If you are at all interested in what slums are rent the City of God… well I am not the Academy member and that was not the point I wanted to make. What I wanted to say is that the movie in many ways insinuates that slums are India’s past, and those who survived can work in call centers, speak perfect English and […]